The Beginning

So you find yourself on this new path towards enlightenment…or whatever this is. Now what? I felt very lost in the beginning. I wasn’t sure what my next step should be or where this was leading me. So I thought I’d pass along a few tips that I have picked up so far.

I’ve always been inclined to keep a diary and journal throughout my life. So it just felt natural that I would want to document my new journey. Plus, this was all new to me so I needed some way to keep all the information I was learning in one place. 

If you will be using a journal, I highly recommend that you find one with a thicker paper that doesn’t allow the ink to bleed through and a pen that feels comfortable to write with because you will probably find yourself writing a lot (I love the Pilot G-2 Gel 1.0 mm!). Lucky for me, I had a stockpile of empty journals just waiting for me to write in. 

Not the writing type? You can use your laptop to type out your notes or use your tablet with a note taking app. Whatever way works best for you is absolutely what you should do!

No matter what method you chose for your notes, I recommend that you record the date you are writing the entry and also the source (podcast, website, book) you are getting the information from because there will come a day when you go back through your notes and say “where did I get that from?” Sometimes things don’t seem important at the time. However, you’ll find yourself looking through your notes and seeing something as if for the first time. Then you’ll be glad that you can easily reference where it came from. 

Where to start?

There are a lot of podcasts that you can listen to for free on a wide variety of subjects. Since it was the middle of the pandemic when I heard the call and the library was closed, that’s where I started. There are so many podcast platforms to choose from. I have an iPhone so it just seemed easier for me use the Apple Podcasts app.  I have also listened to podcasts on Spotify. After we were able to return to the office, I listened to the podcasts on my drive to and from work. Do what’s easiest for you so you can get into the habit. (I’m working on adding my favorite podcasts, books, and resources on my Resources page. Stay tuned!)

If you have a library card or a subscription to Scrib’d (Get 60 days free when you use my link to sign up https://www.scribd.com/g/8s0zrl ) or another online book service, there are a wealth of books out there to learn about all the things that might interest you. I find a lot of books on eBay being sold by charities so I tend to check there first for whatever book I’m interested in. I have also found Half-price books to be a great resource for used and new books.

You can find low cost online classes on Udemy. I encourage you to wait until they have a sale (as they do quite frequently) before you pay full price for a course. Check the ratings and sign up for something that interests you. Most of the courses I sign up for are under $15. The great thing about Udemy is they have a money back guarantee. If you sign up and don’t like the instructor or the material, they will give you a credit and you can pick something else. This is a great way to learn new things without paying a lot. If you find the subject really interests you, then you can search out higher level learning classes. 

There are a lot of people that have online or in person courses that you can take. Some are reasonable and others charge a lot of money. I didn’t have any money to invest in courses when I first started out. It was the middle of the pandemic and most places had moved in person classes to Zoom. I was able to take some great low cost classes from places in other states that I may not have been able to otherwise. (Check out Circles of Wisdom’s website. They have a lot of great Zoom classes.) You can also find classes through the podcasts that you listen to. 

One of the most important things to remember on your journey of learning is to make this your own. If it resonates with you, then pursue it. If it doesn’t, then move on to the next thing. When I started on this path, an important thing I was told time and again was that there is no right way or wrong way to do things. If you find an instructor/mentor telling you that this is the certain path that you need to follow and it doesn’t feel right to you, then do what your heart is telling you. This is your journey. Make it your own.  ❤️

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