Jumping In The Deep End

I grew up in a rural setting in the midwest surrounded by corn and soybean fields. We didn’t have a pool so I never learned to swim until later in elementary school. I remember taking swim lessons at our local YMCA with my friend, who was already a good swimmer. I was, of course, put in the beginner class with all the little kids while she was able to go in an advanced class. At the end of the class we had to take a test to advance to the next level. We had to jump into the deep end and swim to the edge. I was scared to death of deep water and hadn’t mastered the art of swimming quite yet. Despite my fear, after several times of almost jumping in, I jumped in and went under. When I resurfaced, I panicked, forgot everything I had learned, and had to be rescued with a long pole by the instructor. Needless to say, I never progressed to the next level. But this story does have a happy ending. I eventually learned to swim on my own by going with friends to other pools in the area.

In June of 2020, I found myself transitioning to work from home during the pandemic. I was thankful that I had a job that would allow me to keep working from the comfort of my home. Without a daily commute to and from work, I had some extra time to myself. The voice in my head that usually was pushed down by my endless to do list became louder and I started listening to it. This was the beginning of my spiritual awakening or “reawakening” as I like to call it. I have always been an avid reader and I remember reading books about ESP, Paranormal, UFO’s, and Astrology in my middle and high school years. I felt my interest in those topics coming back to the surface again. Thanks to the pandemic, things that were only in person before were now virtual and I had a lot of time on my hands. I started devouring anything I could get my hands on. I found lots of opportunities to attend free virtual classes. I remembered how I loved to collect rocks, fossils, and crystals as a child. I ordered a few crystals online and began reading about the different kinds and their uses.

After I started sharing the information I was learning about crystals with my (young adult) daughter, she dubbed me “hippie mom”. I wanted to find a way to share all that I was learning with others that might be traveling down the same path that I was. I decided to put my website skills to use and create a website to share all the information I was learning. And so TheHippieMom.com was born.

But then I lost confidence in myself. Who was I to be sharing information and who would listen to me? I started to doubt myself and became wrapped up in the details of how the website should look. Months went by and I didn’t touch the website. I continued my spiritual journey and documented all that I was learning in my journal. Along the way, I met people just like me who were trying to learn all they could. We started to share information with each other on the various topics we were interested in. Then the voice in my head got louder again and reminded me that I already had a platform set up to do this where I could reach many more people.

What was I waiting for? I had been dipping my toe in the water for a long time but what I really needed to do was jump in the deep end. I realized that I didn’t have a good excuse for not starting the website. I would be just sharing information on the website that I was learning like I had already been doing with people I had met on my journey.

After a few (quite a few) deep breaths, I am finally jumping in the deep end and getting this website started. What I learned from my swim test failure all those years ago was to not panic. You might go underwater at first but your body will quickly resurface. The key is to quiet your mind, focus on the task at hand, and not panic. So I may just be floating out here for awhile before I start swimming. Come on in and join me, the water’s nice! ❤️

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