Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Signs or coincidences?

If you’re anything like me (and I bet you are), you have probably had a conversation with yourself that went a little like this…”Wow, that was an amazing coincidence. I wonder if that was a sign. No, it was just a coincidence.” When I think back to how many signs I may have missed over my lifetime, it’s almost a bit overwhelming. But now that I am awake, I fully recognize that these are not mere coincidences…well, okay…most of the time I do.


I hear people mention that they want to receive signs from their loved ones who have passed. Some people see cardinals or hummingbirds regularly that they know are sent from their loved ones on the other side. Other experience finding random coins on the ground. Some people see flowers or smell their scent. There are lots of different ways that these signs can send us messages.


For me, signs are more about confirmation of things I have been thinking or wondering about. Recently I had been contemplating a path that I felt led to. I wasn’t sure who to contact or where I would get the most help in making that decision. I had asked for help from my guides and had been discussing it with a few friends who are on a spiritual path like me. A company had popped into my mind a few times and I had done a little research on them but still felt hesitant about whether I should contact them. I knew they had an office in the next town but I wasn’t sure where it was located. I hadn’t gotten that far in my process. I was eating lunch by myself at a restaurant and picked a booth that was clean to sit in. I was enjoying my food and looking out the window next to my booth. Lo and behold, the company that I had been wondering about had their name in big letters on the building that I had an unobstructed view from where I had randomly chosen to sit. The unawake me would have questioned it and eventually brushed it off as coincidence. The awake me shook my head yes and acknowledged to my guides that I had received the confirmation I had been asking for.


I am definitely the person who questions everything. I am very logical by nature and there is nothing logical about all this spiritual stuff I’ve been diving into. Recently, during an Akashic Records reading that a classmate was doing for me, she commented that she saw a road that went straight and also had a sharp turn. At the turn, she said “I’m not sure what this means but there are all these signs in the ground at the turn. Exit now. Turn here, etc.” I laughed out loud and told her that I am someone who says “I know that was probably a sign for me but could you send another stronger one so I’ll really know. Then when I receive that one, I ask for another and another.” I thought it was hilarious that my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in the Akashic Records had a sense of humor. Or perhaps they were just trying to show me to trust myself and the first sign that I get.


What’s the best way to be open to these signs? First, it’s important to ask for a sign. Whether it’s wanting to know if your loved one that has recently passed is okay or you need guidance on that next big career move, ask for a sign. It’s okay to be specific. “I want to see a yellow rose so I know Aunt Sally is at peace on the other side.” Second, after you ask, be patient. Our timelines do not move at the same speed as it does on the spiritual plane. You may get an instant answer or it may take months. Just be open to receive it. Third, even though you’ve asked for a “yellow rose,” the sign you receive may be in a different form than a physical rose. It might be someone wearing a beautiful shirt with a giant yellow rose on it (this actually happened to me). It might be a silk rose that you find in a parking lot at your feet when you step out of your car (another example of a rose I received). Fourth, be sure to say thank you when you receive the sign.


There are no coincidences! We are constantly receiving messages and guidance from above. Be open to receive with a grateful heart.❤️ 

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